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Panels and Panelists

Panel 1: Curriculum Studies in Pandemic: Policies, Realities and Futures

Language: English

MustafaOzcan_Web  .. Dr. Alicia Sianes Bautista  .. Betül Özkan Czekawski    

Prof. Mustafa Özcan


 Alicia Sianes Bautista, PhD


Prof. Betül Özkan Czerkawski

University of MEF, Turkey  

 Universidad de Extremadura, Spain


University of Arizona, USA

Title: Constructivist teaching in the pandemic  

Title: Education in Spain during the COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges, difficulties and improvement opportunities


Title: The effects of the global pandemic on U.S. education system: Issues and solutions







  Dr. Seyda Subasi Singh        
Senior Lecturer Neil Taylor   Seyda Subasi Singh, PhD        
University of Dundee - Scotland, UK   University of Vienna, Austria        
Title: The impact and aftermath of COVID-19 from a Scottish perspective   Title: Special education at the nexus of pandemic and inclusiveness        
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