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Abstract Writing Guidelines

The abstract should start with the title of the paper, and an academic title, name and surname of the authors along with the institution information should be given just below the paper title. In addition, the e-mail address of the corresponding author must be provided so that the congress officials can contact.

  • The abstract title should be no more than 14 words in length and it should not contain abbreviations.
  • The word limit for abstracts is between 750-1000 and abstracts should contain the following parts:
    • Problem and theoretical framework (300-400 words)
    • Methodology (150-200 words)
    • Expected outcomes/ results (150-200 words)
    • References (150-200 words)
  • Abstracts should contain 3-5 keywords.
  • Each source cited in the abstract should appear in the reference list.
  • Abstracts should not contain tables or graphs.
  • Abstracts should be written according to the APA 6th style.

Abstract Template (for blind peer review)

Abstract Template (for publication)

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